• Gharbia to Anfield - Tee or Sweat
  • Gharbia to Anfield - Tee or Sweat

Gharbia to Anfield - Tee or Sweat


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What you have in front of you (or possibly next to you, depending on how you’re sitting) is our collaboration with The Art of Football, honouring the life, times, and smile of Mohamed Salah.


The choosing of Salah was simple, really: i) he’s got a name that was born to be sung by stadiums of people, ii) he has a really great head of hair, and iii) he’s brilliant at football, pace and power, skill and vision, a dead-eyed calm in front of goal, agility that can only be described at “ankle snapping”, earning his weekly wage tearing defenders to shreds. In full flow, he moves in a way that makes even opposition fans sit up and go “Oh… okay, fair.”


Few players have entered a new league with such a ferocious, immediate impact. 32 goals in 36 games in his first league season with Liverpool. Upon his arrival, you’d have been hard-pushed to find many who’d have expected him to get anywhere near that, and the people that did probably earned a few quid out of it.


The artwork of this shirt was inspired by the work of acclaimed Egyptian artist Ahmed Farid. Born and raised in Cairo, Farid is a self-taught artist in the way that so much of Salah’s play feels innate and instinctive: it’s pretty hard to teach someone see the world like they do (but we’ve tried to honour it the best we can). Inspired by the abstract impressionism that colours much of Farid’s work, our portrait here has warmth and texture as he blends the styles of foreground and background and hand-finished detailing that feels lived in. It’s great: seeing Mo’s smile haloed by white clouds and blue sky, a patchwork of colourful houses behind him, his finger signalling one more goal…

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