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AOF x McDonalds

A World Cup halfway across the globe, with matches first thing in the morning feels like the dictionary definition of a spanner in the works for a football fan. That being said, it turns out that there are two things that us Brits will wake up early for:

Football, and free Maccies breakfasts. 

Maybe even a mini Beth Mead figure while you’re at it? And a free limited edition AOF x McDonald’s shirt? Doesn’t sound too shabby to us.

Popping up across Manchester, Brighton, London, and Nottingham, AOF teamed up with McDonalds to provide the ultimate screening experience for football fans throughout the nation. With the Women’s World Cup attracting record numbers of fans tuning in, we can’t think of anything that could quite rival kicking back in a heatwave with coffee, cheese flatbread, and the Lionesses on screen. 

First thing first- wrap some vans with a custom AOF x McDonald’s design.

First thought- designing vehicles. But how can we link them at a base level to the World Cup in Australia? So we mindmapped Australian culture, and what else comes to mind first but beach and surfing? The travel lifestyle- hence the Campervan aesthetic. With our World Cup sticker book in full flow, the sticker designs felt fresh and relevant to the AOF WWC23 branding. Stickers and vehicles? Naturally we had to add in our own designs for bumper stickers.

This shaped the whole design and aesthetic - a mish mash of bumper stickers and hand/drawn graffiti style text showcasing lionesses, World Cup context and Australian culture.

Our vans toured the nation, handing out free bacon rolls, joined by familiar faces such as Beth Mead, Fara Williams, Maya Le Tissier, Stormzy, Leah Galton, Lucy Staniforth, Anna Rose Patton, Millie Turner, Poppy Pattinson, Aitch, Amber Rose Gill, Roman Kemp, Idris Elba, Rio Ferdinand, Maya Jama- the list goes on. Possibly the nation’s coolest screen to catch the game on, you could catch them at Brighton, King’s Cross, Manchester, Nottingham, St. Albans and Olympic Park. 

Leading the Football Fun Programme, McDonald’s aims to support one million children to get involved in football by 2026. Supported by our very own Lionesses, Walsh, Toone, and Mead, McDonalds’ Football Fun programme aims to increase access to football to children who may not otherwise receive it, for free. Now that sounds like a cause that AOF can get behind.

Providing a space for people to get together, enjoy seeing the success of women in sports, and getting a free McDonalds while you do it? We can’t think of much better.