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Lev Rosenbush x AOF

Lev Rosenbush x AOF

Making football part of our everyday, giving fans as many creative ways for them to support their team is what AOF is all about. To work with Lev Rosenbush at Studio halftime and further the idea of bringing football into the home, it was a match that was meant to be.Inspired by Italy’s storied heritage in both the world of ceramics and football, this set of cups looks to pay tribute to a country that holds artistry and skill above all else.

Created to showcase the most important icons of Italian football, those that all footballers that take to the field strive for. Taking inspiration from the shape of the Scudetto trophy itself along with a nod to the Italian tri-colour cockade, only awarded to the winners kits. The cups that makes anyone having their morning coffee feel like a winner.Discover the journey, process, and hear about the elements that research into Italian football legend inspired.

Keep an eye out on our socials over the coming weeks for something very special.

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