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AOF x Lucy Bronze

AOF x Lucy Bronze

‘Tough women are tough women.’

At 12, Bronze was stopped from playing football in the boys teams due to FA rules. Her mother’s maiden name and Bronze’s middle name, Tough rings true when you consider the obstacles ran through to build the footballing legend we see today. 

Earlier this year, we greet her in Barcelona, she immediately has a presence that demands respect. Self assured, engaging, and charismatic, you really get the sense that the strong women in Bronze’s life have had a lasting impact on who she is today. The women who sought out lawyers in order to propel her football journey past the age of 12 and straight into consecutive FA Cup, Champions League, Euros, and Arnold Clark Cup successes. Bronze isn’t shy to highlight that being a Lioness is ‘a dream that [she’s] had for a long time’. And to be honest, it’s hard to imagine a women’s football community without the influence of such a well loved figure. 

Known for her headers on the pitch, we crafted Bronze a FCB scarf gilet and a custom print to commemorate 100 caps (and counting!). And a massive thanks to Nike for sending us a pair of 95s to customize- complete with Barca colours and mosaic imagery, we wanted to highlight this step in Bronze’s international journey. I think we can all agree it’s a fitting nod to her love of trainers. 

Immediately, the Champions League embroidery detail stands out, with Bronze commenting that the evening’s match that evening was ‘in [her] mind right now’. And considering that 5-1 win to Barca, the game is still firmly planted in ours. 

What really captures Bronze’s personality is the embroidered detail of her terrier, Narla. Chatting about why its special that ‘not everybody has a little Narla’, it’s clear that this national treasure values home. Through all the success, Bronze shows us the importance of having those key ‘one of a kind’ figures around you

Meeting women like Bronze highlights to us not only why role models are important, stemming from how the women in her life pushed her journey, but it also exemplifies the hopes for the next generation, who evidently have role models such as Lucy Bronze to inspire their goals.

It’s easy to see why people admire and love Bronze as much as they do. We’re excited to see what’s next for this absolute powerhouse.

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