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AOF x Beth England

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AOF x Beth England

‘For me, the fashion people are Leah Williamson and Alex Greenwood. My thing is comfort and confidence - anyone can make anything look good if they’re confident in it.’ 

England has her staples down, and shows us what it means to be self assured, both on and off the pitch. The velvet suit, the oversized button down shirt, the sweater vest. She knows what she likes, and she does it well. That’s why we sorted her a rework sweater vest. Hand crafted from old scarves in the AOF offices, by our very own Carwyn and Esther. It doesn’t get closer to home than that. A homage to Barnsley’s best striker, and a celebration of English culture. The destiny of the name. 

‘England for England’. Has a nice ring to it, really. 

AOF headed down south to visit Bethany England, and get an insight into the lifestyle of one of WSL and Lioness’s favourites.

Growing up in Barnsley, Yorkshire, God’s Own Country, she’s salt of the earth, and a player of the people. Without many female role models outside of the Women’s National Team on TV ,  she started, as many women do, playing with the boys, and idolising Steven Gerrard and Rachel Yankey. 

Fast forward to now, and the Spurs skipper is known for scoring goals left right and centre. A pitch without Beth England is an incomplete pitch. She works hard, and it shows. Lest we forget that penalty against Nigeria in Brisbane. Second in the line up, it’s hard to truly explain the pressure of the environment. Over 49,000 eyes all on her. And it’s in. A once in a lifetime opportunity, and a legacy. 

England for England. 

After previously making her World Cup debut against Denmark, England plays an integral role in the Lionesses squad, and AOF were excited to delve into who Bethany England really is.

A dog lover, tattoo accumulator, a fiance, best friend to Jess Carter, a Yorkshire lass, a female athlete, a style icon. Partial to a button down shirt and a suit, England celebrates comfort in her fits. A fan of Gerrard, she relishes in her signed Liverpool shirt, noting her love for the NUFC 1996 home shirt, and Figo’s Portugal shirts. A special nod to the Japan and Germany World Cup 2023 shirts- the stylised appreciation for women in football in their own right. We all know the England away kit took our country by storm, drawing inspiration from the 1990 England away kit, the Women’s World Cup redefined the style in which fans can support their team. And what better feeling than  wearing the name of your country. 

England for England.

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