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Gamebreaker - Tee or Sweat


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Ronaldinho. Thierry. Deco. Ronaldo. Rooney. Adriano. Totti. Cristiano. Raul. Duff. The original FIFA Street ballers from 2005. Capturing the setting of a Rio de Janeiro suburb, FIFA Street was the ultimate football trickster game where rainbow flicks were rife and flip flaps reigned supreme. Simpler times. When bagging a ‘game breaker’ with R10 was the highlight of your evening. When using the wall as a ‘fifth’ player became part of your standard arsenal of tactics. When the ‘Rule the World’ career mode was all we lived for. When Damien Duff was one of the best wingers in world football. FIFA Street became the stuff of legend. 

The 2005 edition has a cult following to this day and will be forever remembered as a mythical game that the streets will never forget. This design pays tribute to its legacy.