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This Fan Girl

This Fan Girl

This Fan Girl

"An unfolding photographic series, dedicated to female supporters.

We started this project to create a visual documentary of women who support football.  The way female fans are portrayed in the media isn't reflective of the women we see when we go to matches; the ones who support their teams come rain or shine, whether they're top of the league or facing relegation.  

The number of women attending football matches in the UK continues to grow year on year, up to 25% of total crowd numbers at some games - yet we're still widely underrepresented. Over the 2016/2017 season, we're spending every weekend travelling across the UK to capture the faces and document the stories of the real female football fan, celebrating that in all it's diversity.

Brought to you by Amy & Laura, we’ll be travelling up and down the country to document what football fandom looks like across the UK, updating you with all the characters we meet as we go."

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