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My favourite football shirt - Mike Maxwell

My favourite football shirt - Mike Maxwell

I grew up and went to a school in a quiet North London suburb called Oakwood (right at the end of the Piccadilly line).  When it came to picking your football team there were only 2 choices.  Arsenal or Tottenham.  Your decision had a lot of implications;  what side you'd be on for football in the playground,  who your best mate was and what your first ever football shirt was.
I chose Arsenal and my first football shirt was the 1991 Arsenal home shirt made by adidas.  It had a mottled texture and AFC embroidered in the neck.  Arsenal wore it when they won the league in 1991 under George Graham.
I wore that shirt everywhere.  I lived in it. That was the year I really got into football.  
For my birthday I got the Arsenal title winning season review video and watched it on repeat.  It had some many class moments.  George Graham's team talk after the ruck with Manchester United at Old Trafford.  Tony Adams' drink driving sentence.  Anders Limpar scoring ridiculous goals.  
Whenever I see that shirt now it reminds me of the summer of 91 and watching that video. Again and again and again.  
Mike Maxwell is the founder of the Football Shirt Collective.   A destination for those who can’t get enough of football nostalgia.  We share stories, sell vintage football shirts, t-shirts, art and apparel inspired by classic football moments.
Read more stories on their site and get your own vintage shirt here.
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