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League Legends by Gus Scott

We spoke to Gus Scott about the idea for his League Legends project.
"Me and my mates are always arguing and debating about the best players in the world, and always moaning about boring modern kits are compared to retro designs of the past and I thought it would be cool if I could turn this to turn into a project. To begin with it was just going to be self initiated, but a different people kept saying they liked it and so I thought I’d get it up on Kickstarter and see how far it would go!
It was hard to get some of the players likenesses, as its easier when a player has a noticeable tattoo, or unique look and distinctive hairstyle. It was also really difficult to pick the best players from each league! I’m sure lots of people will have different opinions, but the only ones that they can’t really argue with are the King, Queen & Jack. Here I added together the goals and assists tally from last season to get the three most dangerous players from each league. 
I’d love to see the project reach as many people as possible, if this one goes well I’ve got ideas about producing something for the World Cup… but that will have to wait until this one is complete!"
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