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🇳🇬 It's time to #EndSARS

🇳🇬 It's time to #EndSARS

A lot you will have seen the hashtag #EndSARS across social platforms over the past few weeks. The [AOF] Community is made up of people from all around the world and as lovers of Nigerian football and culture, we thought it was only right to highlight the trouble that Nigerian people are going through. For those who haven’t seen what's going on, read on and see how you can take action.

What is #EndSARS?

Social justice movements across the world have played a huge part in the story of 2020 so far. Right now in Nigeria, young people are continuing to take a stand against police brutality. #EndSARS is a youth driven movement aiming to bring a stop to the ‘Federal Special anti-Robbery Squad’, widely known as SARS, which was under commandment of the Nigerian Police Force. Despite the disbandment of SARS being announced, the problem is far from over.

Why now?

SARS was set up in 1992 to tackle armed robbery and violent crime. However, as time has gone by, many Nigerians now see SARS as a replica of the very criminal groups they were introduced to prevent. Statistically, young people are the most targeted during police profiling. Police profiling is related to what the police feel they can extort from you or antagonise you with. SARS operated on fear, torture and corruption, as proven by countless examples of how police brutality has affected young people in Nigeria. Now, in 2020, young people have had enough. At the beginning of October, a video showing the typically brutal behaviour of SARS officers went viral and sparked mass outrage amongst Nigerian communities across the globe.

A New Generation.

In the past few days, the Nigerian Government announced that SARS have been banned as a result of October’s protests. However, many Nigerians remain frustrated and angry because many SARS officers have simply been moved to other parts of the Police Force. There continue to be examples of police brutality carried out, as evidenced by videos posted on social media.  We live in an age of development and freedom. It isn’t right that physical appearance or simple existence are reasons to be subjected to fear and violence. Real change doesn’t happen overnight but it’s time to #EndSARS

How can we help? (As recommended by @amaraworldwide)

  1. Speak Up - Use the #EndSARS hashtag and lend your voice.
  2. Donate - Flutterwave is currently donating proceeds to support medical fees for protestors injured at demonstrations.
  3. Add pressure on International Media to cover this movement even more.

10% of all profits made from our new 'Super Eagles' design will be going towards the #FlutterWave fund, which is covering the medical fees of protestors in Nigeria. Available here:


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