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Goal Click - Uruguay

Goal Click - Uruguay

Goal Click is a global football anologue photography project, helping people understand the world and one another through football. The ambition of Goal Click is to find one person from every country in the world and send each of them one disposable analogue camera. The photographers take photos that symbolise football in their country. 

The project aims to show football’s similarities and differences around the world, the issues, the passion and emotions it creates and the way football can unite people in unstable parts of the world. Goal Click is now officially active in over 80 countries.

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The next stop for Goal Click is Montevideo, Uruguay, where our photos come from professional photographer Agustin Fernández Gabard. Agustin chose "baby futbol" in Montevideo as his subject, documenting a match between Estrella del Sur and Enrique Lopez at the Enrique Lopez field in Barrio Sur, Montevideo. 

Quotes from Agustin Fernández Gabard

 “Baby futbol” is very representative of Uruguayan football. In Montevideo there is at least one "baby futbol" team in every neighbourhood, and in many cases it is a very pure version of football, without the pressure of professionalism.

In Uruguay everybody plays football from a young age. When you are a little child you get together with your friends to play football. Everyone plays, everyone runs (except the goalkeeper!). That also happens in Brazil, but the difference with Uruguayan players is that most of them are fighters; they do not give up easily. They play better against tough teams or when they are playing with fewer players, they find strength through adversity. Luis Suarez is the best example of that!

This was a match between Estrella del Sur and Enrique Lopez at the Enrique Lopez field in Barrio Sur, Montevideo.

I tried to show the game and the environment, not just the boys playing but also how the parents “live the match”. This match is very representative of “baby football” in Montevideo, with the pitch close to the coast and with very little grass, the families watching nearby, there is even a man selling peanuts.

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