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Goal Click - Peru

Goal Click - Peru

Goal Click is a global football anologue photography project, helping people understand the world and one another through football. The ambition of Goal Click is to find one person from every country in the world and send each of them one disposable analogue camera. The photographers take photos that symbolise football in their country. 

The project aims to show football’s similarities and differences around the world, the issues, the passion and emotions it creates and the way football can unite people in unstable parts of the world. Goal Click is now officially active in over 80 countries.

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The Goal Click photographer from Peru is David Palomino Gallegos, an Inca guide in the Andes mountain range. David spends his life on the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, running a tour company called Inkas Peru Nature. David took photos of his fellow guides and porters playing a football match in the mountains.

Quotes from David Palomino Gallegos

These pictures were taken on the Inca Trail near the 4th camp at a height of 3,700 metres above sea level. The players are porters and guides on the Inca Trail. They play very good football wearing just sandals and at that height of 3,700 metres. They were very happy to show off their skills when I photographed them.

I wanted to show how strong the Andean people are. All my family going back many generations are Andean people from the mountains. Football is my life – I grew up playing football and play at least twice a week. The wider meaning was to show how much the Inca guides and Peruvians love football and that they are never too tired to play!

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