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Favourite things - July

Favourite things - July

Here are a few of our favourite football related things we have seen in April.


First up we have Fokohaela, self described as "The cultured left foot of Dennis Bergkamp meets Willy Wonka" They produce a range of bonkers football shirts, mixing classics with tongue in cheek fun and modern influences. My two current favourites are the IKEA x Boca Juniors shirt following the recent trend of turning IKEA bags into clothing. And the "Feck Off" Ireland shirt inspired by the notorious Conor McGregor.

If you want to see more check out their website or check out their Instagram.


PARK Social Soccer Co is a socially conscious soccer brand focused on helping disadvantaged kids through a sport they love. Partnering with local charities, PARK gets soccer balls onto the feet of kids that need them most through its Pass-A-Ball Project. The One for One model means that for every PARK Soccer Ball purchased, an identical ball is passed on to a kid in need.

To see more check out their site or follow their work on Instagram.


Feefa-Inc are have just launched a range of t-shirts featuring embroidered clothing paying homage to their idols. Being Mexican they of course featured two of the countries greats in Blanco and Jorge Campos along with another of Zidane's infamous headbutt.

If you want on check out their website or keep up to date with new work on their Instagram.

Mark Johnson 

Next up we have some prints from graphic designer/illustrator Mark Johnson.

This one doesn't need much explaining as the designs are pretty self explanatory. He has combined iconic numbers from varied kits through the years. The first set included's England's No.10, Holland's No.14 to Madrid's No.7.

To see more check out it Mark's website or follow him on Instagram


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