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Days With Dad

In honour of Fathers Day we asked you to send in your favourite memories involving football with your Dad. We really enjoyed this competition as being brothers that also got their love of football from their Dad we could really relate to all the stories and got very nostalgic about them!

Thank you for all the entries, below are the two winners. 


Ben Lowe

My Dad was always working hard when I was a kid and I remember hearing him having a conversation with my Mom when he thought I was asleep. He was saying that he could go without new shoes for a few more months because he needed the money to take me to the match as he'd promised me and he hardly ever got a Saturday off. I remember him supergluing the sole back on his shoe! It was a memory that stuck with me and I was always grateful of getting to go to a game as we didn't have much money despite my Dad working so hard. I then grew up and now I work most weekends and have two young boys who are too young to attend a game yet but I cannot wait they are old enough. In 2011 our team, Birmingham City got to the carling cup final against arsenal. Neither me or my dad could get the time off work to get to the ground to buy tickets but thankfully an old friend managed to get me two tickets to the game. I told my dad I'd pick him up in the morning of the game and we'd go and watch the game in the city centre on telly but we'd get there early to make a day of it. It was only when I got the taxi to pull over at Birmingham snow hill station that I smiled and pulled out the train and match tickets. His face was a picture and it was like the roles had reversed. I'd gone from being the young excited Kid being taken to the game by his dad to being the kid taking his excited dad! He said before kick off the regardless of the result we'd had a great day but he had a gut feeling we'd nick it. We all know what happened next, Martins scored in the 89th minute and we both went barmy! On the final whistle we just held each other both crying like babies! When he let go of me he said "we actually did it! It doesn't get any better than this kid!" And he's right I don't think it does. Nobody can take away that experience and I'm so glad I got to see us win the cup with my dad. We are both hoping one of my sons goes on to play for the blues one day and if not they'll at least be taken down the games! I'm hoping they get to experience something near to what I did with my dad that day!

Joe Tindle

My dad and football go hand in hand. The memories made through football following @Boro will last a lifetime. From him taking me to my first game, to him surprising me with FA Cup tickets on the coach home as a child. Those memories built my love of football. Perhaps the greatest memory I have is a recent one. Like many father and sons, we have an incredible bond but don't engage in much affection, hugs etc. Cue Middlesbrough v Brighton, the last game of last season, the game that would decide who would play Premier League football the next season. What a game, what pressure and what elation when the final whistle blew. The scenes in that stand were incredible and, for the first time in many years, me and my dad hugged each other while jumping up and down celebrating promotion. I'll never forget that.

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