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Goal Click - Serbia

We are showcasing the fantastic work of our friends Goal Click. Here is a little bit about them and what they are up to.

Goal Click was created in 2014 as a new global football anologue photography project. The ambition of Goal Click is to find one person from every country in the world and send each of them one disposable analogue camera. The photographers take photos that symbolise football in their country, leading to a football photography exhibition and creating a unique football community. 

The project aims to show football’s similarities and differences around the world, the issues, the passion and emotions it creates and the way football can unite people in unstable parts of the world. Goal Click is now officially active in over 50 countries.

You can follow Goal Click on Instagram @goalclick or Twitter @Goal_Click

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Our next camera was a special collaboration with Copa90, the leading YouTube football channel and voice of football fans around the world. Copa90 journalist David Vujanic went to the ultimate derby match, Red Star Belgrade versus Partizan Belgrade in Serbia, also known as ‘Veciti Derbi’ (Eternal Derby).

The Belgrade Derby is notorious for its intensity and hostile atmosphere. This match did not disappoint, with fires and flares in the stands and a riot delaying the match as police dealt with fan clashes. 

Quotes from David Vujanic

“I tried to capture the key elements that are present in a Belgrade Derby between Red Star and Partizan, especially the colour and atmosphere. There is a name in Serbian for when a stand lets off multiple flares; it’s called a bakljada. The red smoke of the flares has a menacing feel; it really does something to the sky. The smoke is so thick, with all the faces behind it and the flags lined up along the stand at the bottom. It is a fascinating spectacle.

It is very creative how the fans use colour, flags and the tifo – they put together a mural of the former Red Star player Rajko Mitic. The stadium has recently been re-named after him; he is a Red Star legend.

I also wanted to show the intimacy of the players with the crowd. They always salute their fans and applaud them. At the end the Partizan players went over to their fans and celebrated with them. There is a real connection. 

My favourite shot was definitely the photo in the mist, with only the keeper walking back. It is the mystery element and is very atmospheric. You have just had an amazing flare display by the Partizan fans, the smoke has covered the ground and stopped the game for ten minutes, with the players waiting for the wind to clear it so they can restart. It shows the power of football fans to actually stop a game, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

You can see the floodlights at the top breaking through, the keeper looks like a lone soldier walking back to his net and two flares are also lit up in the background. I feel it captures the atmosphere. You see the other players in the background just standing there. It is almost eerie. Surreal. You do not even see the fans but you definitely know something has happened there. It is a beautiful shot.”

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