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We Are Premier League!

With the start of the 23rd Premier League season less than a away, we take a look at the 3 newly promoted clubs and their chances of achieving more than one season in the top division. There is always talk of the gap between Premiership and Championship widening, and for many the newly promoted sides are favourites to go down, but is this a fair judgement?

There has been only one season (97-98) in which all 3 promoted teams went straight back down. However, in only two seasons (2001-02 and 2011-12) all 3 promoted teams stayed up, a rare feat in modern football. In all other seasons of the greatest league in the world at least one of the newly promoted clubs was relegated, more catastrophically for some such as Wolves, who suffered back to back relegations from the Premier League and then the Championship.

Recent history also gives their fans of Leicester City, Burnley and Queens Park Rangers cause for optimism, as in each of the last 6 years only one of the three promoted clubs has gone straight back down, and remarkably, 3 of these came to the premier league as Champions of their former division (West Brom, Reading and Cardiff).

Will this be the case for a Leicester City outfit that left finished deserved winners of one of the toughest leagues in the world? Their fans will certainly hope not, and will look to see a continuation of the stability that has brought them their premier league status, sticking with manager Nigel Pearson the season before last, and his attention to detail has seen LCFC reaping rewards. Pearson has moulded a team ethic typified in Wes Morgan who is leaner, better faster and stronger than when he joined them, and it is no secret that he and his backroom staff put some serious work into the fitness of a team that took countless points in the final 10 minutes of games. Could their superior fitness see them survive?

Sean Dyche’s Burnley were the surprise package of last season. With one of the smallest squads in the League, the consistency in team selection, tactics, discipline and performance levels were there for all to see. A big question for Burnley fans has been how long will they hold on to the manager, never mind some of the key players. But loyalty has won through and it will be interesting to see if Sordell can recapture the confidence and form that made him an England Under 21 prospect now that he is back under Dyche’s wing.         


Queens Park Rangers are the enigma. They scraped through to the play-off final and won with a magnificent goal against the run of play in the 90th minute (echoes of Crystal Palace the season before who hadn’t won for 13 games until the last day of the season but went on to win the play-off.) Harry Redknapp is the man of experience who has seen this all before. He still appears to have money to spend as well so has every chance to use that Wembley win as a springboard.

Of course, unless you’re Alan Hansen, it’s impossible to predict which of these 3 will prevail and which will slide back into the Championship but it will be a fabulous ride. Good luck to you all.

Let us know who you think will stay up and what will be the secret to success in the comments section below.

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Simon Hickson - August 12, 2014

I believe the bottom of the table is far more interesting than the predictable race for the title which regularly consists of the usual four or five sides with only two or possibly three of those sides realistically looking to win the title.

Clubs like Burnley to me make the league interesting. Lots of people now are brainwashed into this media and hype driven spiel that all matters is the result, its a results business etc etc. So good sides are meant to beat lesser sides and if they don’t the analysing starts and the recriminations start, usually against the manager and the modern ethos of someone MUST be too blame comes into play. This is ruining the game, especially at the highest level.

It seems now that the old fashioned cup upset or a team beating a ‘bigger’ club in the league can’t be enjoyed anymore without every kick being shredded into pieces to find every possible detail as to why this unexpected result may have happened.

I saw an interview with De Boer the Ajax manager recently who completely correctly stated that in Holland its not completely about the result its the performance over 90 minutes and attitude the games played in and how much enjoyment was in that game for both sets of spectators regardless of if you won or lost.
I hope with the recent inclusion of the Eredivisie on television that coverage and analysis will not go some way to ruining their game the way our league has been.
This has nothing to do with competitiveness or lack of it, it boils down more to an observers understanding that countless elements can create a final score and the simplistic way a result is judged by the media and those that take their word as gospel results in a sport where only the best are coveted and anything below that has no right to compete.

So apologies i have gone the long route to make my point but i hope the three promoted sides, especially Leicester and Burnley who havent the same resources and expensive transfer tastes in recent years as QPR do themselves, their supporters and the English game proud by proving the reason our league is so appealing is anyone can beat anyone, but lets not say that on one hand then go along with the completely over the top television autopsy when it does actually happen.
For the record I see both Swansea and Aston Villa struggling this season but the appointment of Gary Monk is refreshing so I hope I am wrong and they survive comfortably.

The Lost Fox - August 11, 2014

For reasons now lost in the mists of time I spent a year seeing if I could completely remove myself from Lesta City for a whole 12 months. No games live or on TV. No nothing. I managed it, even while their response was to boss the Championship. First act when the 12 months was up was to buy the mighty fine T shirt above. It will have its debut on Satday. We mig be ok. We might not. But after 10 years, I’m just gonna enjoy the partay. Great art. Thank you.

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